10 Tips to Sell your Scooter/Bike

The bikes and scooters inspire the feelings of nostalgia among all of us. No matter how hard the decision to let go off your first vehicle or the most recent one, the step has to be taken to move on from them. If you are looking forward to selling your bikes or scooter, you can follow the below mentioned tips to get the better end of the deal for yourself.

Know about your two-wheeler

It adds to your credibility as a seller if you have a more complete set of knowledge about your two-wheeler than the buyer. You should be able to communicate all the important attributes besides sharing the first-hand experience of your vehicle to the seller. It really helps you to gain the trust of the potential buyer. Like if you own Gusto, have an in-depth knowledge of its top performance, engine capacity and Mahindra Gusto mileage.

Be ready with important documents

Make sure you are ready with all the legal documents required to go through the deal. These important documents include ownership documents, list of previous owners, old service receipts, bill of sale, safety certificates and warranty if remaining. Also include the various miscellaneous items such as spare parts and extra keys in the deal.

Be Selective in giving out test rides

Try to list your bikes in all the free classified websites and links you are able to find. Make sure your ad gets seen by a number of people. Allow everyone to come and meet you to talk about your bike status but be sure to be selective about who gets a test ride. Follow a ‘Test rides with cash in hand’ policy. Have the people deposit a certain sum of money to you for taking the bike or scooter on a ride in case they elope or damage the bike or scooter during the run.

Be Flexible

Keep in mind that not everyone will have all the cash available at short notice. Give them a short notice period to settle all the dues in the deal. You can also provide them with a partial payment receipt and mention it to be a non-refundable payment.

Include all details in your ad

Try to include all the relevant details about your bike or scooter in the ad. Mention the history of the vehicle, present condition and modifications you made to the bike. Upload at least 4-5 pictures from different angles to showcase your bike.

Zero money for modifications

Always remember that whatever money you decide to spend on your bike or scooter to modify it to look better will ultimately have no effect on your selling price. Upgrading your engine or having custom paint won’t bring any money to your pocket.

Sell extras separately

If your bike or scooter comes with few spare parts or something like extra seat cover, saddlebags, windshield or other stuff, consider selling them as extras instead of including them in the deal. It might help you to get a better deal.

Be realistic

It would be better if you acknowledge the little limitations on your vehicle and price your bike or scooter only after getting a realistic value of it. Reach out to a number of sellers to get an idea of the maximum return you can get out of the bike or scooter.

Identify the buyer’s interest

It would be better to understand how the buyer intends to use the vehicle. Gain a better knowledge of what he wants to do with it and talk about how the bike would help him to do the same thing. If he intends to use it for long travelling daily, then tell him about the fuel efficiency. Talk about the Mahindra Gusto mileage, if you own this scooter as it is one of the most impressive feature of the scooter.

Have fun

The only thing you should keep in mind is just make this experience enjoyable for both of you. That way you might be able to entice him to buy the vehicle off your hands.