5 awesome hacks you need to know to buy a used car in Mumbai.

Mumbai is the busiest city in India. It is a city that will mesmerize you with its fast life and colorful outlook. But when you plan to buy usedcars in Mumbai, be alert! Yes, it’s one of the major business sectors where scams rule. There are numerous dealers in Mumbai who can assist you with buying a used car. You can get the assistance of informed friends or you can go for an online purchase. There are enormous way to get your dream car, but the purchasing process has to be very careful and through a trusted source. Even if you could find out a genuine and trusted online car trader store like Truebil, it would be great if you could keep the following points in mind before jumping into a deal.

Expand your choices, even if you are selective

If you have the patience to evaluate and check different models of cars, then it’s the best thing that you can do. If you are being selective and are looking out for a single model, then the deals and choices will be limited. But if you go for various models, then you will get a chance to analyze and understand the pros and cons of different models of cars. You might be interested in a single model but there will be more for you to explore if you are flexible. You may get a better car than the one you were searching for. When going for used cars in Mumbai, try to be flexible as possible. Expanding your search scenario may help you to end up with a better deal.

Don’t trust the low cost label. It’s yet another scam

You may want to save some extra money or you may not be having the amount to buy a brand new car. So you might go for the cheapest deal and that’s not wrong. The cheap price of the car doesn’t matter if the car can’t deliver good on-performance. If you are offered luxurious used cars in Mumbai at a lesser amount, then think for a moment. The car might have engine issues and would not be delivering enough mileage. Or you might get a car at low cost when the car has been used too much in a little time. Low cost is just a bitter pill covered with sweet syrup. Look for performance and not the price.

Choose the best way to find the best deal

You can try to find out good deals for yourselves. Websites like Truebil are there to help you. But if you are not much knowledge about the used cars inMumbai and its deals, it will be better to go for the purchase with a good understanding of the market. It will be a tricky task to sort out the best pearl from the heap of shells. There will be a lot of cars and the market, to be frank, is a complete scam. Here you will need a hand to support, and that can be a good informative, reliable and trusted online store like Truebil. When you have got a good choice to do it by yourself, why should you go for a third person to spend some extra bucks?

Be informed

Before buying a car, just make a vague research on the market standards. Try to understand the models of cars and their real prices. Communicate with your friends and relatives and collect the basic information they know. Diligence will never let you down. Knowledge in a domain will help you to get a nice deal without wetting your hand. You must have an idea about the latest model cars and their prices before dipping your head into a negotiation. That will help you to have a smart negotiation and a smarter deal.

Cash payment is sweeter than you think.

Mumbai a city where you can get a lot of good deals with financial assistance. Even if you don’t have the financial fitness to buy a car, you will be prompted to buy it with a financial assistance from banks. Keep an eye on that trap. If it is possible for you to pay the cash and buy the car, then go for that. When you go for finance, you might feel that it’s advantageous. A crowd will be there to prompt you to go for financial assistance. It will look profitable at a glance. But just try to calculate the total amount you will have to pay in a deal involving finance. The interest that you will pay to the banks will be more than enough to pay out your road taxes.


When you are new to the town, be sure that you are informed, knowledgeable and financially ready to buy a car. And importantly, have a quick look at trusted websites like Truebil. This would bring you a nice deal and peace for a lifetime!