A Ute Tray that Maximizes Your Vehicle’s Potential


The undeniable fact of ute vehicles is that they are incredible useful for carrying loads and people, going far beyond what a normal vehicle would be able to handle.  Imagine a vehicle that you can use for work, and then keep using on the weekend!  Your typical Monday to Friday may include taking heavy loads and carrying them back and forth, transporting large and uncomfortable objects.  This is you, the tough worker who uses his ute to get the most out of what he does.  But now it’s the weekend.  What are you going to do?  Do you enjoy sports like surfing or skiing?  Does the family want to go?  Where will you put the canoe, the kayaks, or the camping gear?

With a ute vehicle, you know you have the space to take care of every possible need.  Space is never an issue, and you can use that vehicle to transport whatever you need whether for work or pleasure.  The options have never been so open to you!  Having a ute vehicle makes your life simpler while giving you the flexibility to do what you want, when you want.

However, when you have a ute vehicle, choosing the right ute tray to fit into that vehicle can make or break the situation.  How can you choose a ute tray that gives you what you need to carry your specific loads?  Well, don’t fear: ute trays are highly customizable and can fit into any ute vehicle!

The Many Faces of Ute Trays

When you’re looking for a ute tray, the question you need to ask is what exactly do you need it for?  What kind of load are you carrying?

Every ute is different, and so you need to get the right type of tray to make sure it will work the best in your particular ute.

Different types of ute trays include:

  • Aluminiumute trays
  • Plantinum alloy ute trays
  • Steel ute trays
  • Canopy ute trays

These different types of trays all depend on what you are carrying.  What exactly is it that you need?  For example, if you are doing heavy duty work, then your ute tray needs to be the strongest that it can be.  A steel ute tray will keep your hefty loads all together without doing any damage to the ute or the tray.  There’s no need to worry when you’ve got a ute tray that fits your needs!

Many people worry about space when it comes to ute trays, thinking that fitting people and stuff into one vehicle is just not possible.  However, ute trays come customizable with options for whatever cabin size you need!  For example:

  • Dual cabs
  • Extra cabs
  • Single cabs

You just tell us what you need, and your ute tray can be fit to that!

Getting a customized ute tray that works for your needs will give you the flexibility and freedom to play as hard as you work.  See for yourself why a ute tray is what you need.  Visit Accessory World today to get your UTE trays in Sydney.