Ask These Questions to the Used Car Dealers Before Buying Car

Nowadays most of the people prefer to buy used cars instead of buying new car from showroom at very high price. However, before you decide to buy any used car, it is better to understand various pros and cons of buying used cars.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy any used car of Mercedes Benz models you must ask following few questions to satisfy yourself.

  • When can I get the vehicle for test drive?

Before negotiating for price, it is essential that you must satisfy yourself with proper test drive. If the dealer hesitates to give you any date, then walk out and look for any other dealer.

  • From where have you got the used car?

There can be number of sources from where the used car must have come from. By knowing the details about the previous user, you can get some information how the vehicle was used.

  • Will you give past-history of the used vehicle?

It is important to know about the maintenance history of the vehicle before you buy it. There are few third-party sources also available to get detailed history of the used car. You can ask the car dealer whether he will make it available for you.

  • Have you done any servicing on the used vehicle?

It is important for you to know whether all the problems of the vehicle have been rectified by the dealer so that you do not have to live with the old problem in future.

  • If the car is certified pre-owned vehicle then can I see the inspection report?

By looking at the detailed inspection report, you can know the actual status of the used car and take informed decision about the car even if the dealer is offering warranty service for the used car.

  • Are you ready to exchange with my old car?

If you want to exchange your old car while buying any used old car then you can save some cost of the car.

  • What is your return policy?

Some of the busy dealers may not like to respond to your question however a consumer-friendly dealer may offer you certain time to return the vehicle if not satisfied. However, no dealer will return your money back.

  • Will you offer any discount if the payment is made through cash?

Many dealers often offer certain discount if you pay in cash however some of them also make money through various financial products.