Australia’s Local Vehicle Sales Industry Struggles

The Australian automotive manufacturing industry includes a lengthy background and typically Australian people happen to be faithful to in your area made cars, particularly the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon, however the fee for manufacturing around australia still rise.

The federal government has tried to keep your industry alive with massive cash incentives nevertheless it’s obvious that competing globally is beyond achieve of local producers.

The newest stark example is the fact that a Mercedes A Category hatchback is less costly compared to in your area made flagship Holden Commodore. To worsen, the Mercedes-Benz has more standard equipment and it is more featured compared to local model.

It’s no surprise vehicle sales amounts for Holden still drop when perhaps better European cars are less costly! Nowadays imported vehicle sales take into account 90% of recent cars offered around australia, whereas about ten years ago the import market symbolized only 75% from the market. When we look even more back, fifty years ago, imported cars symbolized only 50% of recent vehicle sales.

Are Australian’s attaining an ever increasing taste of European automobiles and abandoning the lengthy standing classic fuel guzzler automobiles that they have been hungry for during the last half a century? The reply is clearly yes when Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan was among the greatest selling medium-sized cars offered around australia behind the Toyota Camry and in front of the Mazda 6 and Subaru Liberty.

Not so long ago Mercedes was lucky to possess vehicle sales more than around 200 cars per week throughout Australia, however it’s thought to become more than 500 each week prior to the launch from the new selection of A category models.

It is simply another worrying sign among adding to issues for local manufacturing around australia, not just for vehicle producers selling cars, however for numerous other industries where information mill taking their procedures “off shoreline” to regions throughout Asia for example China and Thailand.

The in your area manufactured vehicle sales industry continuously suffer although the typical Australian’s hard gained dollars continuously set off-shoreline by having an ever-elevated appetite for overseas manufactured automobiles.

While Australia has formally steered clear of an economic depression using the global economic crisis with because of its impressive mining industry, nevertheless the country in general faces massive challenges in the long run as mining assets will in the end dry out.

Will the imminent new government expected by having an election late in 2013 breathe new existence into manufacturing around australia?

Only time will offer you a solution, however i suspect the harm has already been well and truly done.

Hayley Woodgate has college qualifications on television, Marketing and Pr using more than 10 years experience of the Australian industry.