Buying An ATV Trailer – Things To Know

When you want to buy ATV trailer, it is a good idea to consider all the different options that are available. There are many quad trailer and ATV trailers in Canada. So what are the different parameters that you need to factor in before making the buying decision?

When you start looking at ATV trailers, you will find that there are many different construction materials that are used to build it. You may find steel trailers or aluminum trailers. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages. If you do not have to haul around heavy load, and aluminum trailer would suit you just fine because it is very easy to navigate and drive around. It will also give you a really good mileage for your gas. But the disadvantage of aluminum trailer is that it can break or bend easily because aluminum is a soft metal. A steel trailer would be excellent for you if you want to haul vehicles that are very heavy. The disadvantage of steel is that it can develop trust. If you want a strong trailer, get yourself a steel trailer and maintain it very well so that it does not develop trust.


the trailers can also be categorized according to the different loading and unloading options that are available. You can chose a rear loading or a sideloading option. If you want to use a sideloading trailer, you have a lot of advantages in terms of loading it. All you would need to do is to drive the trailer up on one side to load, and then you can very easily unload directly from the other side. But in the rear loading trailer, you will have to pull the trailer on if you want to load. Also, when you want to unload, you will have to back it up. While rear loading trailers are cheaper than sideloading options, it also poses a little bit of difficulty in terms of loading and unloading. If you do not mind this, get yourself a rear loading trailer.


Another thing to consider would be the tires that are used in the trailer. As a general rule, the wider the tires are, the better and more stable the vehicle would be. You would find 4 inches tire width in many of the ATV trailers. There are some manufacturers who would even give you 8 inches tire width. Of course wider tires are more expensive, but they can be worth the cost. Also consider the weight rating of your trailer tire before you make the ultimate purchase decision.