Car Accidents And College Students

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the most prevalent death cause for people aged fifteen to twenty is the motor vehicle crash. Traffic injury and crash severity will increase when alcohol is involved. Unfortunately, for the college student it is much easier to be faced with an auto accident because of all the elements that influence his life. According to a reputable drunk driver accident lawyer Las Vegas specialist, a campus setting will create a mix of risk factors that have to be completely understood.

The factors that are the most important are:

  • A higher pedestrian volume on sidewalks and on streets.
  • Higher use of skateboards and bicycles.
  • Using headphones more as bicyclist or pedestrian.
  • Using smartphones to text message while driving (commonly referred to as distracted driving), biking and walking.
  • High availability for alcohol and drugs.

Because of all the risk factors that appear it is basically much more common to see a campus accident. Risks are higher when dealing with freshmen or with students that are not familiar with the city. College students are not as experienced as older drivers and whenever a car accident happens, it is important to get legal advice. That is due to the fact that even getting a ticket can lead to long term problems for the life of the student.

We also have the situation in which the college student was a victim in a car accident. Whether or not the situation could have been avoided by a more experienced driver is not of importance in this case. It is really important to hire car accident attorneys whenever injuries or accidents appeared because of the actions or negligence of a third party.

A special category always appears when referring to out-of-state college students. There is an insurance system known as no-fault. It is highly confusing and the rules that apply are different from one state to the next. Insurance requirements vary but the no-fault insurance system is one that should be considered in many cases. In the event the college student is covered by the policy of the parents, attorneys will be needed when a car accident happens as dealing with the insurance company will be complicated.

The last thing we should mention is the effect of driving record on the future of the student. The obvious problem is the one when the student has a job that requires the use of a license. If the accident happens and the license is revoked, the job will be lost. Such a situation is hard to deal with education expenses. At the same time, many college students have to drive to work. Losing the license causes problems with time scheduling and much more.

On the whole, college students are faced with different problems when they drive and when they are involved in car accidents. The situation is usually more serious than the one that involves an adult. It is important to respect the law since one minor incident can lead to various long-term effects that are going to damage the quality of education received by the student.