Car Owner’s Responsibilities Before and After Car Shipping

Certain car shipment companies like Domestic Auto Transport, Inc. require the car owners some duties to fulfill before having their vehicles shipped and right after the process. You may not realize it but paying for the shipping companies does not mean you handed over all responsibilities. There are certain duties entailed in every stage of the process which you should fulfill to secure the safety of your vehicle and the satisfaction for the services you pay for.

Technical Considerations

Shipping companies have their own rules and regulations to facilitate the smooth conduct of the transport process. Here are a few things you need to know:

  • The standard dimension for any type of vehicle would like vans, trucks and SUVs would a height of 88 inches, width of 84 inches and ground clearance of at least 4 inches. On the other hand, motorcycles should have a maximum width of 51 inches, maximum length of 102 inches , ground clearance of at least 5 inches and tire should have a maximum width of 7 inches and depth of 2 and a half inches.
  • Modified vehicles especially motorcycles with large saddle bags should only be loaded with a damage waiver signed by the owner. Standard factory models are usually accepted without this waiver.
  • Bicycles and luggage should not be attached to the roof of a car or a truck or any other closed vehicles. In Domestic Auto Transport, Inc., owners are advised to attach the bicycles at the back of their cars.
  • Personal stuffs that are stored in the vehicle are not a responsibility of the shipping company. Neither these are covered by insurance policies in general. So if you don’t want to lose or damage personal belongings, empty the car to be shipped and make sure no other stuffs can add up to the weight.

Other Information

As the car owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the packaging of the vehicle has been done right from the start. Accessories of the car that will not be covered by insurance should be removed right away. You might also want to consider asking about the duration of travel and date of delivery. It is a common knowledge that heavy traffic can be found along Florida, Orlando, and Washington, thus, provide ample time allowance for the shipment to arrive at its destination if you think these areas are included in the route.

Author Bio: Edward Mosley is an authority when it comes to domestic auto transport services. He advises car owners with important considerations during the shipping process. His ideas cover certain services offered here