Classic Cars Valuation

How a classic car is valued when selling in a second-hand auto market

When we hear of classic cars, what come into our minds are nostalgic, tough and aggressive memories of romantic decades ago. Perhaps, classic cars are mostly associated with elegance, vintage class and a reminder that not everything modern and current is that impressive in the long run. Ideally, class never fades and for the case of classic cars, if you provide it with the necessary maintenance, it can serve you for decades. These retro motors come with something special that makes them pass from one generation to another without fading in its class. The leather interior coupled with an aromatic smell of tobacco takes us back to the epoch of imagined sepia filter-shades.

retro motor

Some of us, however, show little or no enthusiasm when it comes to owning a old classic car. They don’t find it a family treasure at all but a mere waste, a useless thing that needs to sit in the garage for decades till wear and tear consume its beauty. However, here is good news for you in case you are planning to sell your old classic car. Did you know that when you have your classic car listed on second-hand car market, you can build a lot of interest? At Insurance Quotes NI, we understand that many fans are interested in that old charm motor. If you can follow some simple tricks and advice, you will find that the process is all a breeze, and you can cash in some extra money to invest in a better, newer and current car. During the time that you own you will need to provide adequate insurance if you intend to drive on the paved roads. One big plus of a Northern Ireland classic car is that it will qualify for cheaper insurance, but you have to keep the mileage capped on your retro car to qualify.

For sure, this is the time you must be asking yourself, how much will my car sell?’ The common pieces of advice you can get on car valuation may not help you to a great extent in this case as we are dealing with a used, old car that cannot be compared to the current models. That aside here is how you can value a classic car on the second-hand auto market.

Classical cars are valued based on their current conditions and the amount of restoration work to be done. Regardless of the fact that you can hardly find car models with collectibles value, a majority of them are purchased, repaired and then used. Classic cars costs are evaluated using two systems i.e. the 100 Point System and the Six Categories of Condition System. The 100 Point System analyzes the condition and quality of a classic car in 10 points for each category. The maximum points that can be given in this system are 100 points. This rating system considers many factors to name a few the interior, exterior, mechanics, and rust of the classic car. However, rarity and desirability of a car won’t affect the rating. 100 points mean the car is perfect, 90 suggests it is in excellent condition, 80 implies fine condition, 70 is very good, 60 is good, 50 is the driver, 40 is restorable, 30 is partial, and 20 indicates a parts car.

The Six Category System works in a similar manner with the 100 Points, and a car is valued based on a system of points. Professional sites like Insurance Quotes NI, and other dealers can aid you in valuing your classic car. Contact today and get the assistance you need.