Customized Motorcycles for the Love of Riding

Custom motorcycles are often termed as unique motorcycles having the frame geometry or engine different from standard motorcycles. They have been individually produced in limited numbers in specific factories. A majority of motorcycle enthusiasts would feel that a true custom bike has been one that would be built from scratch in a motorcycle shop or local garage. You could subscribe at for the best custom motorcycle videos in your inbox each week.

Different types of custom motorcycles

There have been different types of custom motorcycles made available such as road, sports bikes and cruisers. Motorcycle builders have designed custom motorcycles for the road. They encompass smooth tires and engines in the 250cc range and above. These motorcycles could run at great speeds ranging from 160km/h to 200 km/h. Cruisers would be described as custom motorcycles that imitate the style of American machines ranging from the 1930s to the early 1960s. These would be machines such as Harley-Davidson, Henderson and Excelsior. These motorcycles have been known to signal adherence to free lifestyle incorporating a riding position of hands up and feet forward. In addition, the spine would remain erect. However, the extreme forms of these customized motorcycles have been found in several motorcycle clubs in various parts of the world. You could also see these extreme bikes in various motorcycle films made available in the internet.


Customized Sports Bikes

Sports bikes have also been known as custom motorcycles. In fact, some of them have been called ‘bullet bikes,’ because of their high speed and lightweight. They have been capable of high speeds having great stability around the corners.


Customized Touring Motorcycles

The touring motorcycles have been customized with wind protection for the rider. They incorporate high capacity fuel tanks, specially designed for long-distance travelling. It also encompasses the ability to carry luggage in panniers made available to the owners.


Price of customized bikes overcoming the passion of riding

A majority of people have been known to hire customizers for creating custom motorcycles suitable to their needs and desires. These custom motorcycles would be then entered in shows with an aim to win prizes. However, custom motorcycles mostly cost twice the selling price of a regular motorcycle. Regardless, the enthusiasts do not mind the expense when it comes to the love of riding.


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