Different Periodic Maintenance Tasks for Your Cars to Care About

A car is a moving mechanical unit with a lot of consumable or wearing out parts. These parts either lose their performance or completely wear out after a particular mileage. One should be very careful about these parts and replace them immediately after they hit a certain level.


Here is a list of all the components that are needed to be replaced periodically –

Fuel Filter

One of the key components that ensures very smooth ride by delivering pure fuel to the engine is the fuel filter, which could be clogged and filled by the smudge. The fuel filter should ideally be replaced at almost every 15,000 miles. However, if you do not use your vehicle much, you should consider replacing it every six months.

The filter ensures clean fuel supply to the engine, if it chokes the engine will start jerking or it might cut the fuel supply itself.


Air Filter

If the fuel filter cleans food for your engine, the air filter provides it air to breathe. If the air filter is choked the engine will feel suffocated, this in turn will cause a great deal of impact on performance of the engine. One can clean the air filter periodically by simply dusting it, but it is recommended to replace it every 15,000 miles.

If you are using a car after years, it is recommended to change the filter before using it. One should always purchase a genuine air filter from an authorized Ford parts and service provider.



One thing one should consider, your life depends on the tires. If you are rolling at a high speed and the tire bursts, you are probably dead. Each of the four tires wears out at a different rate, it is recommended to interchange them quarterly.

Your life relies on tires, so if you see any defect like a bulge, a cut or anything you should immediately replace the tire. Another thing to keep in mind is that the tires should never be more than 6 years old or should be driven for more than 50,000 miles. They become fatal after these limits.


Engine Oil

There are different oil change intervals for different models of cars. It is strongly recommended not to use oil for more than 5,000 miles in any case. The life of the engine relies on the oil, if you have a new car, you should consider replacing the oil every 3,000 miles.

Even if you do not use your vehicle much, you should replace the oil every six months in order to keep the engine safe.


Engine Coolant

Engine coolant is the most important fluid that ensures that your engine remain cool even in extreme heat. It is strongly recommended to change the coolant every six months and to ensure that there is sufficient amount of coolant at all times.


There are many other parts and fluids, which require periodic replacement, but these are the essential parts, which are to be replaced necessarily after each life cycle.