Does Your Automotive CRM Resonate “I Am In”?

Customers research the information about cars online before they reach out to any car dealer and make a purchase. They usually submit their preferences online so that the automotive dealers reach them and proceed with sales. The dealers need to partner with them and the tool that helps in such processes is Automotive CRM. This innovative tool helps to manage essentials of the business and bring in solutions.

If your automotive business is at a stage wherein you are yet to choose a CRM, then there are a few things to watch out for, so that all of your business goals and commitments are achieved.


Integrating the Automotive CRM in the dealership helps to transform the way the organization, and the sales department in particular, works. The automotive business is all about giving priority to customer relationships.

Roadblocks in CRM

There are some roadblocks which lead to the unproductive use of the CRM. One major roadblock is inaccurate and mismanaged data with incorrect spellings, incorrect fields, incomplete or broken information about the customer.

CRM can be effectively used when everything about a particular lead or customer is known at any given point of time with one single touch. The CRM seems ineffective when emails and other information are not sent to active leads. The CRM is ineffectively used when the reports are not understood or analyzed precisely by the so called experts.

What does the Automotive CRM do?

The specialized CRM must be designed to meet the following needs of the automotive industry:

  • Sales and traffic to the dealer website are effectively increased.
  • Maintaining client relationship with the help of strong communication links with the end customer.
  • A number of vehicles can be promptly serviced when information is easily accessible.
  • Training can be customized so that the employees are highly competent and efficient by automating everything, leaving lesser but only the important tasks to be taken care of, by the staff.
  • The CRM produces reports that can be utilized by the top management to make financial decisions and boost profitability.

The CRM can work for every department in the dealership including sales force, marketing as well as reporting and analysis. The CRM must be customized to meet business needs and can be imparted to the users in the best possible way like Webinars, in-house training, training courses on the web, as well as in-person visits.

Choosing the right CRM

The CRM the automotive dealer chooses must help effectively in ‘partnership’. The two major factors that must be considered are:

  • Comfort in using the automotive CRM
  • Functionality and unique business goals are easily achieved

A perfect CRM helps build trust between the company’s employees and the customer by enabling them to focus on the customer 100 percent, since most of the tasks are taken care of by the software itself.


Partnership or “I am in” reflects the intention, as well as right communication with the customer at the right time. The CRM can easily assist by keeping the employees abreast with information pertinent to the moment on one single touch. The employees must partner with customers at every stage right from the time when a particular lead comes in; to the point it is converted into a sale. After sales service is also very important to retain existing customers.