Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Tyres Replaced

The only part of the car that comes into contact with the driving surface is the tyres of your car. If you want a good grip on the road while driving, you will need good quality tyres with a properly ridged surface. Tyres are sold by many different companies in the market today. Most companies state that you should get the tyres replaced after they have been driven over 40,000 kilometres. Take a look at the pattern on your tyres, both on the front and sides. Stones and uneven surfaces often cause tears in the tyres. If the tyre has been punctured several times, it will probably need a replacement.

However, many people don’t know much about buying new tyres. The following guide will help you purchase good quality tyres at the most affordable prices.


Old or New

There are plenty of shops in Dubai that sell both used and new tyres. Most people often make the mistake of buying used tyres. The shopkeeper might convince you that the tyres have been sparingly used and don’t have any punctures at all. However, you should know that these tyres are polished and thoroughly reconditioned before being put on the shelves again. Before you head out to any shop that offers tire replacement in Dubai, you should make up your mind to only buy new tires. Older, used tires will hardly last a few thousand kilometres before punctures start appearing.

Manufacturing Date

Try to be well-informed when buying new tires. Most tyre shops stock a variety of different brands. Obviously, famous brands such as Michelin and Bridgestone are long-lasting tyres, and offer much better grip and performance. However, before you buy new tyres, always check the manufacturing date. Avoid purchasing tyres that were manufactured more than two years ago.  The manufacturing date is usually listed as a numerical figure, denoting the year and the week in which the tire was manufactured. It’s stamped on the side of the tire, so you can’t miss it.


Mobile Replacement

What happens when your tyre bursts in the middle of the road and you don’t have a spare? There are numerous companies in Dubai which offer mobile replacement options as well. All you have to do is place a call, tell the specifications of the tyre that you need, and the company will immediately dispatch a vehicle to replace the tyre. Many companies have a mobile fitting station that can easily replace the ruined tyre with a new one.

If you are getting all four tyres replaced, they will also need to be properly aligned. Proper alignment is essential! Otherwise, your car will begin to veer from one side to another if you take your hands off the steering wheel. If the car hasn’t been aligned properly, it will also put an unnecessary load on the suspension of the car. Most companies offer free wheel balancing and alignment if you get the tires replaced from them.