Factors to Consider When Choosing a Snowmobile

You are probably in the best place in the world to own and ride a snowmobile. And you are now considering finding a good ski-doo usagé dealer to give you the best experience possible. Whether you are new to the sport or a professional racer, a great dealer will help you making your ride safe, pleasurable and successful for years to come.

In case you have ridden many times, you already know what you want; however, if you are a new rider making a choice will not be that simple. There are various Ski-Doo models to pick from and selecting the right vehicle for you and your riding style is necessary. There are some things you need to consider.

Choosing a Snowmobile2

Riding Style

You have to think about how you want to ride. With a passenger or one-up? In deep powder or on groomed trails?  These are necessary factors to make a choice as no single snowmobile will do it all and a machine made for a particular set of conditions tend to outperform others which are not.

Riding Style

Track Length and Depth

Long or short track? Full-sized Ski-Doo snow machines are made using tracks between 121” long and 159” long with 15” standard width. A longer and winder track has bigger footprint on the snow. Short tracks that have shallow lugs tend to turn more quickly and reach a higher top speed as they make less drag.

Track lug depth begins at around .75” up to 2” or even more. Deeper lugs mean more snow that the track will move given that the machine has enough power to perform it.

Choosing a Snowmobile1

Ski Stance

This refers to the measure of the width of the machine’s front end. A sled with wider stance is more stable. For the majority of trail riding in flat countries, wide is great. A narrow stance means more dynamics in the sled.

Engine Power

Full-sized Ski-Doos are powered by Rotax engines in either 4-stroke or 2-stroke, 2-stroke Semi-Direct Injection configuration with either liquid cooling or fan. Their size ranges from a 277cc single cylinder to a 1000cc twin. Generally, a bigger motor comes with more power burning more fuel.

Engine Power

Number of Riders

When you want to carry somebody else on the snowmobile, you should have a place for him to sit safely and comfortably. Some models have two-sets. The majority of other models can be retrofitted if you want it.