How Hard You Tell Your Kids Life Was

Every generation believes that they have had it much tougher than the children of the day. If you think back you likely can remember your grandparents and your parents both tell you how difficult life was for them and all of the struggles they had to deal with on a regular basis. There is no doubt that each generation has had to face different types of hardships along the way, but were they really as difficult as they have been made out to be? You have probably been telling your own children the same story about your own childhood and how tough it was and there really is a reason people do things like this, even if the truth has been stretched somewhat along the way.

Why You do It

You likely act the same way with your own kids for the same reasons your parents and grandparents did it. You see the life that your children are leading and you have tried to make a good life for them, making it easy for them to grow up and give them as many advantages as they can have. This also may mean that they have been able to do things in an easier way than you probably did as a child at the same age. One example of this may be that when your child forgets to bring something to school you are willing to hop in the car to drive it over to them so they can make it through the day easier. In the past, this type of behavior was rarely seen and you can probably remember times where you forgot something and had to work through it on your own.


The Times Have Changed

The main reason you like to tell your kids how easy they have it over your own childhood is that times have changed a great deal and there are many more advantages available to young people that you did not have. You never had the chance to call someone on your cellphone or send them an instant message on your smartphone if you needed a ride or forgot something at home. When you needed information for a book report you were doing in school you had to go to the library, get the books you needed and then write or type your paper. Today, kids can do everything right at home on the computer and have everything they need pretty easily, then type it up and have it checked for mistakes on the computer instead of having to proofread it and use whiteout to fix mistakes.


Each passing generation may be a little bit resentful of the current generation and how easy they have it compared to what had to be done in the past, which leads to the stories of having to walk to school barefoot in the snow three miles uphill each way with wolves chasing you. Your kids probably just roll their eyes when they hear you talk about what it was like the same as you did when you were young. Now you can do all of that while they sit in the backseat of the new car you got from the quality Fiat fiat dealer Los Angeles has at as you take them to school.