How To Install Roof Racks On Your Car Without Damaging It

In so many cases the storage that the car offers is not enough for all luggage that is carried around. Adding roof racks in Australia is becoming increasingly popular because the roof of a vehicle is practically the only area that remains. Car roof racks are quite great for so many owners. You can use them to carry your extra luggage around or even items that are too large to put in the trunk.

The problem with installing the roof rack is not that it is difficult. The difficulty lies in installing it without damaging the roof of the car. Car paint can so easily be damaged if you do not know what to do. Because of this, you should seriously consider the following tips.

Washing The Car

When car roof is covered with bugs, dust, salt, tar and any other substances, the installation of the car roof will not go well. It is really important that you wash the car. When you do so, avoid using soap or dish washing detergent. If you do, wax may end up being removed and swirl marks can appear in the car paint.

Always be sure that 2 buckets are used when washing your car. One would be used for soap water and the other one should include clear water. Wash the car roof and then rinse it as soon as possible. Do so one small area at a time for the best possible results.

Drying The Car

Remember that in the event your car is wet when you install the rack you can damage the area. That happens as water remains stuck and eventually leads to the appearance of water spots or deposits damage the paint. Scratches are much more likely when you remove the roof rack.

Waxing The Car

Many harmful elements can damage your car’s roof. In various cases we see people not taking care of the roof when a rack is installed since the roof rack will remain on for a long time. This is not a good idea. You want the roof to be waxed before the roof rack is installed.

The Installation Of The Car Roof Rack

The good news is that this is a really simple process. Most people can do it with ease. However, when you mount the rack it is quite easy to damage the paint. What you want to do is to carefully place the roof rack on the roof of the car. Then you want to check the positioning and check indications offered by the manufacturer. In many cases it is a pretty good idea to have a friend to help you out since this makes the installation flawless as one of you keeps the rack in place when installing it.

Extra Protection

Most of the problems that appear are caused by dust particles, moisture and salt that eventually get trapped in areas where roof racks meet car paint. If you want to avoid this, use vinyl strips between base bars and car roofs. Waxing will help a lot when you also use vinyl. The car roof will be much cleaner and not exposed to particles.