Is The New Honda Civic 1.5T That Fast?

For those that are really impressed with the Honda Civic they may be looking keenly at the 2016 version of this vehicle. Many are excited about the new 1.5 L Turbo engine. It is believed that this is faster than the previous Civic SI. When comparing this to the 205 hp and hundred and 74 pound font of torque in the 2015 civic SI this is surprising with the new civic having 174 HP and 162 lb.ft. For a great line up of Honda vehicles be sure to see what the Wilson Auto Group has to offer.

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Those that own the previous version of the Honda Civic know that it has been equipped with a six speed manual transmission. It is the CVT that comes with the new turbocharged engine in the 2016 Civic. There is also a difference in the curb weight between these two versions of the Civic. The curb weight for the 2016 version is 2900 pounds while the 2015 civic SI comes in at somewhere between 3004 to 3011 pounds.

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It certainly was a great Christmas surprise for those that follow the Honda line of vehicles. During the first week of December it was the midsize 2016 Honda accord that was grabbing the attention and then just before Christmas arrived it was the 2016 compact Honda Civic 1.5 key touring sedan that gained the spotlight. These two Honda versions with one of them being a compact and the other a midsize certainly opened up the door for choices for those that are in line for a new 2016 vehicle. What is exciting about the Honda Civic 1.5T is that it possesses the first turbocharged engine for Honda.

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There are some great choices in colour but chances are most are going to opt for the absolutely beautiful crystal black metallic which has an interior that matches. Then to enhance all of this is the 17 inch split spoke alloy wheels that come in a gloss black topped with a chrome finish. There is also much to be said about its bold styling which really makes it stand out, and at first glance one may think that they are looking at a sports sedan. This is definitely going to be one of the Honda vehicles that ends up on the must-have list of many consumers. For some wonderful choices in this and other great Honda vehicles pay a visit to Wilson Automotive