Keep Them Rolling With Royal Administration Services Inc. Warranty Plans

When people talk about getting the Royal treatment, it is usually intended to serve as a metaphor that they are receiving the very best available, or at least that is what they are expecting. For auto dealers nationwide, the opportunity of providing their customers with exactly this sort of treatment is something they should seriously consider.

Most auto dealers have some sort of extended service plan which is offered to those buyers who are interested in keeping their vehicles past the period of manufacturer’s warranty expiration. Because of the increasingly-complex nature of modern vehicles and the exceptionally high repair costs incurred during the post-warranty period, a lot of car buyers have elected to trade in perfectly functioning vehicles simply because they fear getting stuck with a huge repair bill. Having extended warranty coverage is one way in which they can actually save large amounts of money without running the risk of being bankrupted by a bad transmission or left helpless on the side of the road in the event of a breakdown.

Royal Administration Services Inc. is in the business of providing dealers with all of the tools necessary to successfully overcome this warranty coverage gap when offering extended warranty plans to buyers. This coverage is available for both new and used vehicles, which is something that many people do not realize. While this may seem like a simple idea on the face of it, there is actually a vast amount of behind-the-scenes machinery that is needed to make such a plan, particularly a nationwide one, a reality.

For example, an extended warranty plan is going to need a non-manufacturer source of parts in order to control costs and make the plan affordable. By combining the buying power of hundreds of different dealers, it becomes possible for a plan’s administrator, such as Royal, to negotiate even lower rates than would be offered to any single dealership. It is also going to need a non-manufacturer service department– especially for complex items such as power trains. Most dealerships are able to undertake minor repairs on site but replacing a transmission, for example, now requires a specialized shop with a bevy of specialized tools and highly-trained technicians.

Royal Administration Services Inc. has been negotiating these sorts of contracts for many years. As a result, they know what is a viable repair option and what is “too good to be true”, wherein a dealer finds themselves harnessed to someone who was low bidder but proves utterly unable to carry out their part of the contractual bargain. Allowing Royal to administer your extended warranty programs provides several important benefits to those dealers who choose to associate themselves with the Royal family of warranty providers. With no real complaints and positive reviews it’s no wonder why everybody loves Royal Admin and their extended service contracts.

First off, they get a smoothly running machine that knows how to keep costs low and customers satisfied. Secondly, they do not have to worry about nasty surprises when repair partners fail to produce as expected. Lastly, they get a highly versatile set of options that allow them to sell the right plan to each individual customer and be able to count on actually making a profit on the transaction. That’s the Royal way of doing business.

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