Modifying your Car for a Better Driving Experience

Custom car modifications would assist you in improving the performance of cars. They would help cars to last long and function better. Such modifications could be quite technical. However, only a specialized person who knows the technicalities could understand the modifications properly. Let us look at the probable modifications that could change your car performance immensely.

Engine Tuning

This has been the process of modifying and adjusting the design of the internal combustion engines. It would help you to produce the best possible performance level. Tuning engines would also help in enhancing the power output along with the durability of an engine. Tuning covers a wide range of activities such as the routine adjustment of the carburettor along with the overhauling of engines. It would also entail decisions regarding engine re-designing. Car tuning has been an essential modification to enhance the overall performance of the car.

Ignition System

The ignition system has been the most neglected area when it comes to customization. A majority of people would limit their ignition system modification to fixing the time. However, it requires attention that is more detailed. You are required to ensure that the spark has been strong enough to ignite the fuel. The next thing that you are required to take care of has been the rate at which the flame travels. This would depend on three factors such as the turbulence of the fuel inside the combustion chamber, the design of the combustion chamber and the quality of the fuel. The other parameters that might require a thorough check-up have been the ignition coils, the ignition leads and more.


Then there would be cylinder head porting, turbochargers and the suspension tuning that should be modified for the car to give optimum performance.

Top three mistakes in modifying your car

There have been three major mistakes that people make when modifying their car that have been listed below.

Bad taste

Choosing a wrong body kit for your car would not only provide it a weird look, but also depreciate the overall value of the car. You should choose the outward appearance of the car wisely.

Engine tuning

Wrong parts

Choose the parts that would be suitable to your car. Choosing bog turbo chargers, exhausts might appear cool, but if they were not in consonance with your car and safe, it would have detrimental effects on the car and your wallet.

Bad driving

In case, you cannot drive well, no point making your car appealing.