Points you should be Aware of when shopping for Exhaust Headers

In case, you have contemplated on refurbishing your car with state of the art exhaust header, you should have comprehensive understanding of what the process entails. You certainly do not want to spend considerable money on the exhaust header without having gone through the below mentioned points.

Exhaust Headers2

Power you intend to get from exhaust headers

No two vehicles have been exactly alike. Therefore, it has been impossible to assign particular numbers of torque or horsepower. Generally, a set of performance exhaust headers would unlock approximately an additional 5 to 25 horsepower. It would also provide a noticeable boost in rear-wheel torque.

Exhaust Headers

Whether performance exhaust headers would discolour

Performance exhaust headers have been known to absorb some punishing abuse of any part on your vehicle. They have been constantly being cooked at temperatures of approximately 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, time would ultimately take its toll on any finish. Performance exhaust headers with ceramic coating have been the most resilient ones. They would retain their finish the longest. Stainless steel has been incredibly durable. However, it would start to shade slightly after a while. Nickel-chrome would also change colour, especially when used for towing or racing. High-temperature paint would mostly stay the same, but it could be chipped.

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Nonetheless, discoloration does not affect the actual performance of your exhaust headers. They would work the same on the inside regardless how they look on the outside.

Whether performance exhaust headers are legal on streets

It would depend on which performance exhaust headers you avail along with the state you reside in. A majority of the headers do not interfere with pollution-controls on your vehicle. Few headers have been designed for racing and off-road vehicles, which have been exempted from smog certification. Therefore, they would not be street-legal. Nonetheless, few states have more relaxed pollution controls than others. Reher Morrison has been a good option for stepped header by PROFAB.