Safe Usage of Automatic Driveway Gates

Security is big business these days. More and more residential houses, communities and businesses are adding automatic security gates to their properties. While the function of these gates is to provide security, they are not all exactly the same.

One can easily see this by looking at the website of the Carnahan-White Fence Company. The photos shown on this website illustrate some of the different types of gates available. Businesses may choose utilitarian security gates while homeowners and communities may choose elegant looking ones. Automatic gates function using a swinging or sliding method and can be activated via an external keypad or remote control device.

When choosing the style of gate that is right for you, consider the message that you want to convey. Do you wish to communicate luxury and elegance? Do you prefer that impenetrable, castle-like look? Is artistic style and design more important to you? Different gates convey different messages, but no matter what type of gate is chosen, the purpose is the same – prohibiting unwanted entry. Once the gates are installed, users should be instructed in the finer points of using gate automation services. This will prevent damage to the gate itself as well as to the user’s vehicle.

First and foremost, users should be instructed on the proper procedures to open a closed gate. Some users must enter an individual code using the keypad while others can simply press a button on a remote control device. When doing this, be sure to aim the device directly at the antenna mounted to receive the signal. Otherwise, the gate may not open. Other systems require users to press a call button to speak to security personal before gaining access to the property.

Next, users should be told to never proceed through a gate until it is fully open. In addition, users should never try to force a gate to open or close with their vehicle. In the case of multiple users lined up waiting to pass through an automatic gate, each vehicle should wait its turn and access the gate using its own security code. Trying to get two vehicles through an automatic gate in the amount of time designed for one vehicle is very dangerous. Preventing gates from moving when an object is in its intended path is another way to maintain the safety of both users and their vehicles.

Lastly, if a gate is not functioning properly, it is best to call for assistance. Trying to repair an automatic gate system is not an easy task for amateurs. The gates themselves are often very heavy and the electrical motor can be intricate. Instead, leave it to professionals such as the Carnahan-White Fence Company.