Save on Your Own Car Repair and Maintenance by Taking Advantage of Car Relocation Specials

One way to reduce the kilometres that you drive yearly and keep your own car well maintained is to take advantage of the relocation specials that are offered by car hire companies. Not only can you save on your own vehicle repair and maintenance but you can take a holiday that is lower in cost as well. As long as you are flexible, this is a great opportunity to travel and reduce wear and tear.

Relocate a Car and Keep Your Own Vehicle in Good Repair

When you choose this mode of travel, you normally receive your petrol for free. However, you have to travel on the specified dates and for the specified days. For example, a car relocation may include travel from Cairns to Sydney for eight days. The cost is usually only $1.00 per day.

The Reason for the Specials

So, if you want to see some beautiful scenery and pay next to nothing for the experience, this is the way to do it. After all, if you choose an eight-day trip, you only have to pay $8.00 for the rental price. Car relocations are featured by car hiring companies in order to transport cars from one rental site to next. In order to cut their own costs and find people willing to do the work, they offer these kinds of specials.

Unlimited Kilometres and Insurance

Therefore, you need to stay informed about these specials to save on your transportation, fuel, and car maintenance costs. In fact, choosing this form of travel can be quite stress-free as you are also offered a cheap way to travel that includes unlimited kilometres and insurance. The insurance featured for a relocation provides a standard excess of $3,000 for autos. If you want to reduce the amount to zero, you have to pay an extra fee.

Picking up the Vehicle Early

If you want to start your trip early, you can pick up your relocation car before its availability date. However, talk to the car hiring facility for confirmation. You still need to book your reservation through the car hiring company’s website.

No Special Requests

Also, be advised that at these low rates, you cannot request a certain location. You can only pick from the locations that are offered online. Because the car hiring company has to move a vehicle from one branch location to another, special accommodations cannot be made.

Check the Travel Route

If you are not familiar with the route for the relocation, you should find out more about the road system online. For example, in Australia, the travel routes are excellent in developed locations. For the most part, they are broad, paved, and uncongested. All the signage is also well-marked along the way.

A Great Way to Save Money and Travel

If you have to drive in more remote spots, however, you need to investigate the travel conditions further. Some of the roads are narrow, long, and flat and therefore offer a sleep-enticing drive. So, before you plan that next holiday, check out how a relocation special might be the way to spend your leisure time.