The Benefits of Buying a 2016 Honda Fit

If you haven’t made the decision yet to buy a 2016 Honda Fit in Edmonton, there are a lot of reasons you should stop looking at other vehicles and pick the Fit. This compact car is a great choice for people who drive every day, and it comes at a low price.

Fuel Economy

The Honda Fit gets 29-33 MPG city, and 37-41 MPG highway, getting you back and forth to work every day without having to fill the tank as often. Honda recommends regular unleaded gas for the 2016 Fit, saving you even more money at the pumps.

The Engine and Handling

The 2016 Honda Fit’s 1.5-liter engine gives you 130 horsepower, plenty of power to help this lightweight car accelerate quickly. The car has a very responsive steering system, and with 16-inch tiles you’ll find the 2016 Honda Fit to be agile when you need it to be.

A Manual Option

It’s not easy finding a manual gearbox on newer vehicles, but the Honda Fit offers this option for people who love to control their own speeds. The six speeds on the Honda Fit, combined with an easy clutch, make this vehicle fun to drive.

A Roomy Interior

When most people think of compact cars, they picture passengers having to duck and huddle once they’re inside. The Honda Fit hatchback has a spacious back seat, so when it’s time for family vacation there’s plenty of room for everyone. The car’s Magic Seat flips up or down, so for large shopping trip you can convert the back of the car to a whopping 52 cubic feet of cargo space.


The Honda Fit protects you and your family with great impact protection, and the car earned one of the top safety ratings. If you chose the EX models, you get the additional protection of a LaneWatch camera system.

Practical Yet Stylish

Thanks to the 2016 Honda Fit, gone are the days when you picked a car that was hard to look at in order to get all the safety and other features you needed. The2016 Fit comes standard with a roof-top spoiler, a front fascia that gives it a sporty look, and the car is available in several colors that help you stand out on the road.


While all the extras are nice, for most people the final decision on a car comes down to price. When you buy a 2016 Honda Fit in Edmonton, you get a great vehicle with a price tag under $16,000. Even the more expensive models of the car, with additional trim, come in at a good price.