Things to Consider When Hiring a Chauffeur

If you are celebrating an important event, you should do it in style, and there is nothing more stylish than having your very own chauffeur to drive you around. These suggestions are going to help you make a better-informed decision on how to hire the right chauffeur, so be sure to pay attention to all of the tips so you can easily hire the best driver for your event or celebration.

2012-10-10-09.51.24  It Pays to Plan Ahead

While you could hire a chauffeur with very little advance notice, you will end up paying a premium for it. If you have some time to plan it will provide you with greater flexibility so whenever possible, plan ahead. There are a few things that you have to determine before hiring a chauffeur.

  • How many people will be riding along with you? Having an accurate head count is crucial when trying to pick the right chauffeur. If you have a large group of people, then a small car is not going to meet your needs and a full sized limo may be more appropriate.


  • How many hours will you require the chauffeur? Bookings can range from an hour to a full day depending on how long you will be out on the town. Fees can be calculated based on time and distance travelled so knowing how long you need the chauffeur will help you get accurate quotes.
  • Do you have any special requests or having a special event? If you are planning a bachelor party, then alcohol and games will be expected so you should find out whether the company offering the chauffeur services is licensed to serve alcohol.


When you have answers to these questions then you can start diving deeper into the assessment process.

What Makes a Great Chauffeur Company?

Many variables go into assessing chauffeurs in Melbourne but one of the most important is the fleet of vehicles that are available. You will naturally want to drive around in the latest model of vehicles that will provide you and your guests with the best driving experience possible. After you have figured out which of these chauffeur service providers has the most up-to-date fleet you can start screening them based on feedback left by other people. You want everything to go off without any delays so it would be advantageous to target chauffeur companies that have a large base of satisfied clients. Only when you are satisfied that the firm is consistent can you start looking at pricing.


In order to conduct a fair comparison, you will need to find out how the chauffeur service provider bills for their services. Are they going to charge by the hour, kilometre, or using some other formula? After you have confirmed how the company bills for their services you can start assessing the various firms to try and find the one with the right balance of pricing and value.If you follow all of the suggestions that have been outlined, then you will have complete peace of mind knowing your chauffeur experience should be a very positive one to remember for many years to come.

complete peace of mind knowing your chauffeur experience should be a very positive one to remember for many years to come.