Three Enterprising Tips to Ensure the Best Group Road Trip

 Every year millions of people head out to discover their own country by planning a road trip. Some take the time to do meticulous plans that include everything from pit stops to cultural tours along the way. Others will bravely head out where no vacationer has gone before, following their instincts and perhaps Google Maps to help them figure out if that mysterious dirt road leads anywhere. But if you plan to do that road trip with a group this year, you might want a few tips.

After all, group trips have a special place in hell when done without some planning in mind. Here are some ideas to help you ensure you aren’t all ready to slit each other’s throats in the night mid-way through your exploration of your native culture and transportation roadways. These three might point you in the right direction, or at least the direction that might get you home again, all in one piece.

Use Group Transportation Services

One way to ensure that everyone is having a good time is to leave the driving to one of the many legitimate group transportation services that exist. These companies can offer you the comfort of a modern and up to date van that will seat everyone, as well as a driver who is familiar with your route and any road changes along the way.

Many cultural exploration groups such as The Sierra Club or the local Audubon Society make use of these services so that their members can simply sit back and enjoy the road. While it is a cost for everyone, it does allow the group to plan the route first for the driver to follow, call for stops along the way even if not previously scheduled and get a chance for everyone to truly see the countryside they are driving through. For many the extra cost is worth every penny.

Use Trip Planners

If someone in your group is a member of the American Automobile Society they can make use of the well known trip planners to plan ahead for where to stay and what to see on the trip. While the old trip planners used paper routes, today there are apps for a smartphone that can not only guide you along the way, but are also up to date on the latest road construction.

Other companies such as Tripit offer a similar service so you don’t have to have membership in AAA to have access to some type of trip planner before you go. However, since AAA also offers trip insurance, special types of car insurance for the trip and many roadside attractions and motels offer members discounts, it might be worth investigating membership if nobody in the group currently is a member.

Get Ideas from Pinterest

As most women know, Pinterest has become the go-to for just about anything these days. That includes looking at interesting sites to visit along the way on a road trip. The Road Trip Tip section offers thought-provoking notions on money saving steps, road trip plans, roads to take and avoid and even concepts on taking a road trip with kids.

For groups of adults planning a road trip, this site can give them a host of ideas on checklists to create, tried and true road trips for various parts of the country and a special section that highlights the iconic road trip granddaddy – Route 66. There is a little of something for everyone in this special interest Pinterest section.

There are tons of great road trip ideas just waiting for your group to explore. These three are really just the tip of the iceberg, so go out and explore. Happy road tripping!