Top Technology on Four Wheels: Modern Innovations for Super Safe Driving

The feel of a new jeep gives you wings, doesn’t it? While you might still be on cloud nine, after getting hold of your dazzling new jeep, make sure you load it up with these latest gadgets to make it even friendlier.

To get rolling on the road, get a sturdy, robust jeep. You can find out more about such vehicles here. Once you get your new vehicle, you can jazz it up with gadgets that don’t only look cool, they help you drive safe too.

Below are some modern innovations that are designed for keeping vehicles safe while acting as jaw-droppers for every road junkie.

Rearview Camera

Put a rearview camera which gives you a whole view behind your vehicle. While a rearview mirror sounds nice, a rearview camera is a cherry on the top. It provides a wider shot of all the movements, plus you don’t have to keep looking at the back. It also collaborates with the navigation system fitted in the vehicle to give a full overview of car’s position.

This revolutionary rearview camera truly is something to look forward to in the future and is a must-have for your vehicle.


These aren’t your regular old airbags which pop up after an accident. With those airbags, unfortunately, you can only utilize them when the accident has already occurred. However, with these latest car-stopping airbags, it’s easier to minimize damage.

Using sensors, this technology deploys these airbags making them pop up under your car so that braking is more efficient and seamless.

Cell Control

We all should admit this: we’ve used a cell phone to call, or even worse, to text while driving! In the U.S., every one out of four car accidents is caused by texting while driving.

To prevent this, Cell Control, an ingenious device, blocks all emails, texts, and social media notifications to curb the temptation of using cell phones, once and for all. Run on solar energy, this device is a life savior in true sense.

Belkin Vent Mount

Tired of turning your head, again and again, to see the next cross and turn on the road, while driving and using Google Maps simultaneously? Then, use this device. This can attach to the air vent and can easily be positioned near the steering wheel so you have a clear view of the road without diverting your attention from the road.

Vigo Headset

This truly innovative of a design keeps track of your blinking patterns and head motion. In short, it knows you more than you do! When it senses that you’re sleepy, it uses audio alerts and vibrations to help you keep awake. Though this seems to be a small device, Vigo Headset is a real rescuer when it comes to saying good-bye to your sleep.

As many as 60% of adult drivers have admitted to driving a car even when they felt drowsy. This is surely a dangerously high figure. Of course, you shouldn’t be one of those, so get this device now.

The Bottom Line

With so many devices to choose from and to adorn your vehicle, you might be having a tough time which one to go for! However, it’s good to remember that preventing accidents is not just beneficial for your car but also for you, so drive safely. Luckily, these modern innovations are here to help you with this.

Robert Kaur trained as a mechanic before seeking a different career path, but his passion still lies in the auto industry. A family man with a daughter and 2 sons he takes a great interest in auto safety for his family, as well as being interested in all the latest tech developments.