Useful Car Trailers and Dual Axle Trailers

Car trailers are extremely useful whether it’s to transport another car, van or motorbike to another destination. Dual axle trailers can be custom-built to suit your particular requirements as well as for a wide range of cars. They often have up to 2,000 GVM capacity (gross vehicle mass) which can easily accommodate a large vehicle. With so many trailers to choose from browse the many photographs featured on websites to find the perfect model for you.

New tilt car trailers with single axle plus brakes are also available to buy. These are ideal for:-

  • Loading equipment with small wheels
  • Loading in icy or wet conditions
  • Winching vehicles on to the trailer

With knife edge designs, tilt car trailers Melbourne are also fork lift friendly. The tail lies flush on the ground so there are no bumps to drive over.

Reputable car trailer suppliers

Finding reputable car trailer suppliers isn’t difficult at all. Browse the net to read about the excellent products and services manufacturers of car trailers provide. How about buying stylish and unique mudguards for your new trailer? Check out the different kinds of mudguards you can order, like:-

  1. Cold rolled mudguards
  2. Mild steel mudguards
  3. Fenders in lots of configurations and sizes

Dual Axle Trailers

Once you’ve got your car trailer with great looking mudguards, load what you have to move and off you go. If you need any help in choosing a car trailer or which mudguards will suit it best, get in touch with specialists who have many years of experience selling car trailers. There’s a form you can fill in with your name, email address, phone number and any query.

Many different types of trailers to choose from

If your load has to be protected think about ordering an enclosed trailer. These are perfect to shelter cargo from rain, wind, snow or even the sun. They come with tool boxes, lawn mower compartments and many other additions. There are also heavy duty trailers that have:-

  • Checker plate mudguards
  • Checker plate bracket support lights
  • Checker plate floors
  • 5 leaf springs for heavy duty suspension to carry heavy loads
  • Drawbar, front and rear supports on mudguards

This particular design can be bought with 14 or 21 inch ribbed sides.

If you need to carry loads from 2,000 kg GVM up to 2 tonnes, a tandem trailer is a good choice. They range in size and must have brakes fitted for safety reasons. Manufacturers can fit electric brakes if you prefer although mechanical override brakes are standard. The side of the tandem trailer is regular to high in height. Table-top tandem trailers that don’t have sides are also a suitable to load and unload cargo easily.

How to make contact

Making contact with reputable car trailer firms can be done either by telephone, fax or email. Alternatively if you live near a showroom, why not call in to see the many trailers for sale?