What Car Innovations Can We Expect In The Near Future?

The world of cars has been static for the majority of the last 20 years, but with recent developments in EVs, we can say that the times are changing. We have teamed up with our friends from Corsia Logistics to see what kinds of technologies we can expect in the near future.

We are about to explore some very interesting topics, so sit tight and prepare to be blown away. Some of these things are indeed a bit outlandish, but stick with us, because who knows – if we are right, we will be in for quite an adventure in the near future!

What Is AGI?

Everybody knows about AI at this point. Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but it is barely working right now. For most people it is nothing but a gimmick, and we cannot trust it enough to let it operate our vehicles at all time.

Here comes AGI though. It stands for artificial general intelligence and is very different from your traditional AI. While an AI is an engine with particular purpose, the AGI’s point is to be able to adapt to different situations on the go. It should be able to train itself in various ways, making it the true AI of the future.

Why would that matter for vehicles though? Because an interlinked AGI can solve a lot of problems with the automobile grid right now. Self-driving cars will become much more feasible, and it can even signal the end of the personal vehicle. Though that is a topic for another article.

A True Head-Up Display

In the past several companies have experimented with the so-called HUDs, but to no avail. However, we may be seeing them sooner than you think. With several companies working on the idea of augmented reality, HUDs are an obvious extension of that.

Imagine what it would be to drive around with a GPS that displays everything you need directly on your windshield. And that is just one of the things that can happen!

What About Roads With Wireless Charging?

If you have not yet heard about this, we wouldn’t be surprised. This is one of the dreams of Elon Musk and it is much closer to becoming a thing than one would think. We are on the brink of developing wireless charging that is efficient and not a gimmicky thing like that on phones.

If this happens you can end up driving your car and charging it at the same time. No more gas prices, no more 40-minute breaks on the highway. What a future would that be?

That being said, there are still certain challenges with that technology. Firstly, power is lost over air, which is something that has to be worked out before we see any real implementation. Secondly, we are also losing power when transferring it from battery to engine. That may be a bit easier of a problem to solve, but it is still something the best minds have to work on.

Whatever the case is, the mentioned car innovations can change the world of vehicles forever. Are you not excited about that?