What to Look for in a Crane Hire Company

When it comes to major construction projects, it’s important that you are able to efficiently execute tasks and finish things on time, which can be difficult without the right equipment. While hiring a crane will dramatically improve your ability to do certain things, you still want to know that your crane suppliers can provide a quality service. Otherwise, you risk losing productivity or potentially damaging your materials, among other issues.

A great crane hire company will obviously have a great reputation. You will also want to consider the quality of vehicles and support services but the following are some specific qualities to look for.

A Variety of Services Offered

Different companies will offer different services but the more your crane company can do for you, the more helpful they will be in completing projects. In addition to crane and mobile crane hire services, crane companies will also be able to assist with and solve problems related to logistics and transportation. They can typically satisfy a variety of operational needs, loading and unloading requirements, and site management needs.

Assessment of Job Requirements

The best services come from companies that understand the job. Crane hire companies in Perth will typically assess your job requirements to better understand what you need. Once they get this information, they can recommend equipment and help you get everything that you need to be successful. As experts, they can provide reliable advice regarding cranes and accessories.

Cost-Efficiency Solutions

Hiring a crane can actually save you money and time as long as your service providers are efficient and good at their jobs. They can help you manage costs and improve your ability to meet deadlines, maximising your productivity and speeding up your work. With excellent on-site mobility and great lifting capacity, they can satisfy your needs regardless of the conditions.

Full Support Throughout

From technical support to general customer service, your crane suppliers should offer access to excellent support services. Being able to get fast support when you need ensures that you experience minimal downtime and when there is a problem, it’s important that somebody is available to solve it quickly so that you can continue with your work.

Up-Front Quotes and Transparency

You should be able to get quotes up front, generally after consultations or site assessments. Companies that provide quotes up front and keep their prices transparent won’t surprise you with hidden costs at the end of the service. These quotes should have clearly defined line items that explain where all of the costs are coming from.

Experience and Expertise

The more experience behind your crane suppliers, they more helpful they will be. Expertise will also mean better workplace safety, operational guidance, and problem-solving skills. Everybody’s needs are different but when your suppliers have extensive experience working on a variety of job sites, they will be more familiar with the process and how to overcome challenges as things progress. It also means that they will have extensive knowledge of their cranes and how each one will be able to help you.