Why Is It Necessary to Select the Right Spoiler for Car Tuning?

A mere mention of Car tuning can get any car owner excited. The prospect of modifying your car according to your style and preference is surely tempting. If you are looking at completely revamping your automobile then make sure that you are installing all the essential modifications and equipment to maximise the spirited driving you might indulge in. One such small and often neglected car accessory is the car spoiler. Car spoilers play a very significant part in ensuring your safety and that of your precious automobile.


What is a car spoiler?

A spoiler is a form of automotive aerodynamic defence module that keeps a car grounded to counter the naturally existing aerodynamic force trying to lift the vehicle during high speed. A spoiler can be at the rear of the car or even at the front. A spoiler installed in front of the car is referred to as air dam or apron whose primary function is the same as that of a spoiler but restricts air flow and air speed under the car.

A spoiler not only helps keep a car grounded but also gives a better overall appearance. You probably would have seen or noticed spoilers fitted in customised cars, which boast spoilers of different kinds and styles. Racing cars, for one, have some of the finest spoilers fitted but they are only of use if fitted in the line of the air stream.

How do spoilers work?

When you are racing your car down the highway, you are cutting through the wind. The wind when flows over and under your car creates a drag behind the vehicle. This drag or the turbulence has the tendency to slow cars during high speed and minimises your grip as you encounter lift. A spoiler is effective and works only at high speeds.


What spoilers do is reduce the turbulence and create a downward force, which keeps the tires grounded. You might have a highly efficient engine with some of the most exquisite accessories fitted in your Modified cars but everything will amount to nothing if you do not have an appropriate spoiler attached to your precious car.

Why spoilers are important for a car?

Every time the speedometer in your car displays a speed of about 100 km/ h or more while driving, you must have felt something trying to uplift your car. That something which is not visible and cannot be heard is aerodynamic lift. An uplifting force, which is due to the strong winds, which your car cuts through, can pose a great threat to an automobile which is basically shaped like an inverted aeroplane wing.

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To reduce this uplifting force, spoilers form a perfect defence mechanism and provide downward force to keep the tires on the road.

Spoilers are more than a fashion accessory attached to a car. They keep a car safe when travelling at high speeds. The spoilers provide an aerodynamic frame to the vehicle. When at high speeds if a car becomes unstable it is mainly because of poor aerodynamic frame of the car. Too much unstable airflow while driving at high speed can lift your car reducing your steering and braking grip and might result in some unfortunate incidence.

Spoilers can be beneficial for more than one reason. Besides keeping your car on the road, they can also increase the efficiency of an automobile.

  • Spoilers help maintain traction between the road and the tires.
  • In addition, if drag is reduced they enhance the fuel efficiency of your car. The amount of fuel burnt in car with spoilers is much less, than the fuel consumed by a car without spoilers. You can notice the difference when you are driving. The more comfortable you are, the more fuel-efficient your car can be.

Of course, the style quotient! Spoilers look awesome on a car. Many famous automobile brands have created a lasting imprint on the minds of consumers with a perfectly installed spoiler at the rear of a car.